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Belmont high school sports-field made usable with artificial turf

City of Langford donated the artificial turf.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 ~ LANGFORD

~ by Mary P Brooke, West Shore Voice News

Today Sooke School District 62 (SD62) celebrated the community-driven aspect of a renewed sports field. The field behind Belmont Secondary School in Langford had artificial turf installed, through a donation from the City of Langford.

The collaboration between Langford’s mayor and council and their City staff — together with SD62 trustees and staff — made this advancement possible. The turf as provided by the City was a contribution of about $330,000, said Langford Mayor Stew Young. Over the winter, the turf had been relocated from its previous location on Goudy Field in front of the school.

Belmont Secondary School, sports field, SD62
Sports field behind Belmont Secondary School, April 9, 2019 [West Shore Voice News]

The school’s back field was previously not used much if at all since the September 2015 opening of Belmont Secondary, due to soggy, uneven ground conditions. The artificial turf now liberates use of the field pretty much year-round.

There for the celebration were SD62 Board Chair Ravi Parmar and SD62 Vice Chair Dianna Seaton, as well as SD62 Trustees Bob Beckett, Wendy Hobbs and Allison Watson. SD62 senior staff at the podium included Superintendent Scott Stinson and Belmont Principal Jim Lamond. SD62 Secretary-Treasurer Harold Cull and Associate Superintendent Stephanie Hedley-Smith attended as well.

Jim Lamond, SD62, Belmont Secondary School, sports turf
Belmont Secondary School Principal Jim Lamond hosted the turf field celebration April 9, 2019 [West Shore Voice News]

The City was represented by Mayor Young as well as Councillors Lanny Seaton, Denise Blackwell, Lillian Szpak and Norma Stewart. City staff on hand included Langford CAO Darren Kiedyk and Corporate Officer Braden Hutchins.

A girls sports team and school band contributed to the formal festivities.

There was the traditional ceremonious ribbon-cutting to wrap things up.

Langford Mayor Stew Young, sports field, Belmont Secondary
Langford Mayor Stew Young at a Belmont Secondary School celebration of their new sports-turf field on the same day that funding for a west shore post-secondary business case was announced, April 9, 2019 [West Shore Voice News photo – Mary P Brooke]