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Alistair MacGregor sworn in for 3rd term

"I want to sincerely acknowledge the trust that has again been placed on my shoulders."

Thursday October 28, 2021 | COWICHAN-MALAHAT-LANGFORD [Updated November 14, 2021 with video link]

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

“Today, I was honoured to be officially sworn-in as the returning Member of Parliament for our beautiful riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford. I will soon be joining other members of Canada’s 44th Parliament to take our seats in the House of Commons next month,” MacGregor said in a statement afterward.

MacGregor was re-elected for a third term as the Member of Parliament for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, in the September 20, 2021 federal election.

alistair macgregor
Alistair MacGregor was sworn in as the MP for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, remotely during COVID.

At 10 am this morning constituents had the opportunity to watch his virtual swearing-in to Canada’s 44th Parliament. [Watch the video here]

Taking a strong voice to Ottawa:

“I want to sincerely acknowledge the trust that has again been placed on my shoulders. I pledge to work hard in the weeks, months, and years ahead to ensure our riding continues to have a strong voice in Ottawa. My team and I have been busy consulting with constituents and stakeholders to prepare a list of priorities that I look forward to bringing to Ottawa on behalf of my constituents.

In collaboration with community groups, stakeholders, and individual constituents, I am proud of the work that’s been done to improve the lives of many in our riding, but there is still so much more that needs to be done. A key priority for me in Canada’s 44th Parliament is addressing the housing crisis that has affected so many in our riding.” 

NDP Caucus is 25-strong:

MacGregor is one of 25 NDP candidates across Canada who were elected or re-elected on September 20. On Vancouver Island he is one of six NDP MPs.

“Our 25-member NDP Caucus is made up of a diverse collection of both new and experienced faces, and I’m truly excited to be working alongside each one of them. The past two years have shown Canadians that my NDP colleagues and I are eager and able to push Liberal policy towards greater protections for our country’s most vulnerable, robust climate action, First Nations reconciliation, and making life more affordable.”

“With the announcement of the Liberal Cabinet earlier this week, news of the corresponding critic roles for our NDP Caucus will be shared in the coming days. I am eager to take on my role on behalf of our riding and look forward to working with my colleagues in Ottawa to address the needs of Canadians.”

“The problems facing our riding are numerous, but I am blessed to represent a constituency with many inspiring community champions, and I look forward to working with them to continue tackling the challenges before us.”

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